It’s hard to believe but Norwegian singer-songwriter/DJ Annie has been releasing music for over ten years now.  OK, so technically her debut album Anniemal dropped in 2004, but she was DJing and releasing underground singles like “The Greatest Hit” as far back as 1999.  Anyway, man, time flies.  I feel like I just bought Anniemal at Tower Records in Glendale, California yesterday.  I still listen to that album at least once a month.  Every song on the album is a classic.  I’m especially fond of “Chewing Gum,” “Heartbeat” and “Me Plus One.”  Her 2008 follow-up, Don’t Stop, wasn’t bad either.  “My Love Is Better” and “Songs Remind Me Of You” were nothing short of awesome.  And I’ve been dying for her to release a new album ever since.  I’m not sure what the status of that is, but I was super psyched to come across this single.
“I’ve never been to Tokyo / but it’s a place I want to go / so many things I want to know,” Annie sings about halfway through her new collaboration with producer/DJ Ralph Myerz, who lays down some irresistible beats that split the difference between trance and house.  It’s like Calvin Harris on steroids, really.  Highly potent stuff that fans of David Guetta’s collaborations with Sia should eat right up.  The song it most reminds me of is Robyn’s “Dancing On My Own,” though this is more of a thunderous club track than a straight-forward pop song.  The sugary sweet chorus here is pretty dreamy though, reminding me of Sally Shapiro and Saint Etienne.  “Take a look at the world on your own / make a change for the best / got to know the possibilities,” goes the first half, Annie’s voice radiating every color of the rainbow.  Later she sings, “I’ll be gone, but there’s something waiting for me.”  Well, Annie, you’ve been gone too long — and there is something waiting for you: thousands and thousands of fanboys.
As I searched for a video for “Take A Look At The World,” I also found a video for a new Annie single!!!!  It’s called “Tube Stops and Lonely Hearts” and it’s fan-fucking-tastic.  It was co-written by the always amazing Xenomania, who co-produced the track along with Ville Hamala and Timo Kaukolampi. “Oh ma ma ma / oh na na na,” Annie sings, delivering one of the song’s best hooks, and somehow she manages to make that sound brilliant. The concept of the song would seem to be getting lost in the night, probably at a discotheque. “4AM I took a shot in the dark / need to escape before the battles will start,” she sings over throbbing beats.  “Tube stops and lonely hearts / lost the rhythm yeah I’m falling apart.”  Nice lyrics, but in actuality it seems that Annie is anything but falling apart.  On the contrary, she would seem poised for what just might be her most successful album yet, assuming that’s what she’s working up to here.  In the meantime, “Tube Stops and Lonely Hearts” will be officially released on May 1st.
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