Obviously, if you’re a fan who’s been pining for a new Interpol album your prayers have been answered. And while it doesn’t really have the spark of reinvention, sometimes more of the same is all one needs. If you’ve ever loved this band, it’s impossible not to get enthused about “All The Rage Back Home,” which has a super high tempo, racing about like the Energizer Bunny on crystal meth. Lyrically, it’s a serious enough song, but it’s the bright and shiny music that really moves you. You’ll want to fist pump and bang your head — heavy metal style — to this one. Another highlight is “My Desire,” which finds Paul Banks singing, “I’m a frustrated man.” “Come on lay me, lay me out,” he pleads later, playing the role of a frustrated man like he was born to play it; you can feel the tension inside of him, growing and growing as the song progresses, threatening to give him a nervous breakdown at any moment. It’s plenty attention-grabbing. Banks tries out a new vocal tone on “My Blue Supreme,” which would seem to be falsetto done in a whispery manner. You get the idea. “There’s someone that I’m dying to be / Cruising in my blue supreme,” he sings and it’s enough to give you the chills. Here, you get the sense that he’s playing a character who’s on the verge of becoming a stalker or worse. Someone wanting to be someone they’re not often yields devastating results and you know he had that in mind when he recorded this song. All in all, this is a fine addition to Interpol’s discography — much better than most critics are saying — and it just might prove to be my favorite Interpol album after a few more spins.




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