When I heard Demi’s first two albums, which were pop rock, I wondered who was going to listen to it.  Who her target demographic was.  Because I couldn’t see the teeny boppers getting into it.  And I don’t think many did because before long Demi debuted the powerful pop song “Skyscraper” and things have gone splendidly for her ever since, the electric guitars all but gone from her music.

The interesting thing about “Cool for the Summer” is how much it sounds like K-Pop.  It might not be a coincidence either, most people having realized that K-Pop is generally catchier than American pop these days, which is why there’s such a huge fanbase of K-Poppers here in the States now.  Also, summer-themed songs are a big thing int the world of K-Pop.  Listening to “Cool for the Summer,” it’s not difficult to imagine Girls’ Generation singing it.

In any case, it might be called “Cool for the Summer” but it’s steaming hot, Demi’s sweet vocals as sexed up as she could possibly sing.  Meanwhile, the music is ultra-catchy, thanks largely in part to the fact that there are some serious guitar hooks here.  I can easily imagine this becoming the big hit of the summer.  It’ll probably even be on radio come fall.  Check it out now while its as hot as the song outside.  Go drive around the beach blasting this from your car stereo.  Or throw a party and play it every twenty minutes.  Make it the soundtrack of your summer.  You won’t find a better song to serve that purpose this year.  It’ll be going on a couple of my regularly listened to playlists.

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Published on Jul 23, 2015

The new single “COOL FOR THE SUMMER” out now.
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