A couple of weeks ago Selena Gomez surprised fans with the release of a new single in the form of the Talking Heads-sampling “Bad Liar.”  Selena played all the main characters in the video in which she has a crush on her father’s mistress, who happens to be her gym teacher.  It looks like it takes place in high school, but Selena should be doing videos that take place at colleges just as now, given that she’s in her 20s.  But, of course, having the video set at a college wouldn’t be nearly as taboo as setting it in high school.  In any case, it was cute and amusing.  After that, I figured Selena’s next song would be less risque.  I was wrong, though.  She’s just released her next single, “Fetish,” which features a fine rap verse from Gucci Mane, one of the most underrated guys in the business.  It’s a steamy affair — red hot, really — from start to finish.  If you loved “Bad Liar,” you’ll drool over this.  The official video hasn’t been released though, just the above video which is labeled as an audio track in spite of the fact that we see Selena’s lips singing the song.  So, check it out and don’t be surprised if you find yourself making out with your computer screen by the time it’s done.



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