On August 3rd of this year we brought you the premiere of half Dutch, half Indian singer/songwriter Nathassia’s red hot “Contagious,” a song that more than lived up to its name, having since earned her a solid fanbase that spans such diverse countries as Egypt, Turkey, Morocco, Brazil, Mexico and India.  Now we are excited to bring you the premiere of her new single, “Turning Headz,” one of the strongest electro-pop songs we’ve heard all year.   In fact, we’re considering it a serious song of the year candidate.  From the moment its first few invigorating beats drop and she starts singing, her voice sugary sweet, you know you’re in for something massive here.  The rich production alone is priceless.  It’s as if someone spliced the DNA of the last album by The Chemical Brothers with The Prodigy’s classic Fat of the Land with its sonorous, techno-flavored beats, burbling electronic bass, sizzling synthesizers and more electro-flourishes than you can count, the song crammed full of nifty little details that render it as colorful as it is punchy.  You take all of that and thread it together with Nathassia’s ultra-gorgeous voice and you’ve got yourself a million dollar, diamond of an EDM song ready to shine across the globe.  Suffice to say, her fanbase is about to vastly multiply.

If “Turning Headz” doesn’t top the UK and US dance charts we’d be shocked!

Nathassia Ankh

“Turning Headz” will be out All Stores 4th December 2015 on Inter-dimensional Recordings (Believe Digital).  It comes with a star studded remix package including leading British Dubstep producer Stenchman and heavyweight commercial club remixers Morlando.

NATHASSIA Tturning Headz Artwork






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    Totally awesome song…great review

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