VIDEO: BoA / 「FLY」( Short ver.) .

I plan to review BoA’s new album Who’s Back? on our sister site Otaku — where I review K-Pop, C-Pop, M-Pop, J-Pop, V-Pop, etc — soon, but I thought I would post this video for her new Japanese single “Fly” here in the meantime.  Unfortunately, this video isn’t the complete video, as her Japanese label Avex never releases full-length videos on Youtube.  You see, they release limited edition versions of singles that come with DVDs featuring the music videos, and they apparently believe that they’d sell less of these singles if they made the whole videos available online for everyone to see for free.  Personally, I think they’d actually get more single sales if people could hear the full-length versions of their artists’ songs online and fall in love with them, but that’s just me.  In any case, “Fly”  is classic BoA, which means that it’s irresistible J-Pop — BoA is a Korean artist, but she’s been releasing Japanese versions of her music since the dawn of her career — with a sweet melody, catchy hooks, and gorgeous vocals.  Enjoy!

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▶ BoA / 「FLY」( Short ver.) – YouTube

Published on Oct 29, 2014




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