So, “Doing It” is to be Charli XCX’s next single from her awesome sophomore album, Sucker.  It’s an infectious song that should fare well on radio and allow for a killer video.  But for some stupid reason Charli XCX or, more likely, her record label, decided that Rita Ora should hop on the track for the U.K. release of Sucker.  In fact, they felt so strongly about this that they’ve actually pushed back the release date to February 8th so they can add this unnecessary version.

If Rita Ora brought something different to the track, that would be one thing.  Rita and Charli could make a great duet.  But Rita adds nothing here.  She just sings some of Charli’s lines and the song is otherwise a paint-by-pro-tools copy of the original except for Rita saying “Rita XCX” at the end.

Is Rita Ora an A-lister in England?  We can’t think of any other reason for this.  It’s as pointless as Britney getting on Rihanna’s “S&M” a few years back.

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