Metals are a duo formed in Melbourne consisting of producer/DJs Chris Coe and Ehsan Gelsi.  They recently completed a summer UK tour with gigs throughout the country, including Nottingham, Coventry and London.  Oh, and they also played a little festival called Glastonbury — maybe you’ve heard of it?

Metals’ new single, “That Ain’t Real Love,” is from their forthcoming debut EP, When I Say You, I Mean Me. The hot number features gorgeous vocals from singer/songwriter Candice Monique.  An extra juicy track, it begins with dub-ra-mental, throbbing bass over which Candice delivers some rapid-fire vocals with venom on her tongue as she disses someone she’s done being in a relationship with.  “I don’t owe you a Goddamn thing,” she sings, bitter and bold, while snappy percussion stimulates the almost reggae-flavored track.  “You don’t love me / You love the way I make you see yourself / And that ain’t unconditional,” goes part of the slick chorus, during which glimmering synth, assorted bleeps and delightful handclaps suck you in and get you hooked.  As the song progresses, Candice does a brutally honest spoken word part and there’s a vibrant grime-flavored rap courtesy of Australian-based, UK rapper MC Tray, dishing out some advice to selfish blokes everywhere.  Jumpy live drums and blazing electric guitar kick in during Tray’s part, just to make sure you’re giving the track the full attention it deserves.  In fact, the drums are the focal point of the final minute of the track — something you’d never expect from the way it begins — making it a rather progressive pop track at heart. 




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