“Broken Record” will be the third track on Little Boots’ highly anticipated new album Nocturnes, which will be released on May 7th. It was written by Little Boots and Rick Nowels and is now on sale on iTunes and Amazon. It starts off with warm synthesized strings and soon erupts with a fine modern dance beat in the vein of Deadmau5. These beats are augmented by some old school whipping beats for good measure. The best part of the song is easily the bridge. “In my dreams, you belong to me,” she sings, stretching out every word in the most sultry manner while bells that call to mind Blondie’s “Rapture” go off all around her. “I hear your voice like a broken record, saying my name every second,” begins the chorus. Later she simulates a broken record when she sings, “I hear your voice like a broken, broken, broken, broken record.” It’s catchy enough, and a clever idea, but it’s that precious bridge that really grabs me every time I listen to this song. But, regardless of which part delivers the greatest hook, it’s a lovely slice of pop pie.

Little Boots Broken Record
Little Boots Broken Record

“Motorway” will be the first track on Nocturnes. It was written by Little Boots and Jim Eliot and produced by Tim Goldsworthy. You can currently download it for free for the price of your e-mail address at  Like “Broken Record,” it begins with some synth, which almost sounds like synthesized horns but not quite, and then another layer of synth, this one much brighter, joins the mix, followed by a bit of piano. When Little Boots begins singing the first verse all of that goes away, her sugary voice accompanied by subtle and simple beats. Even when she first sings the chorus — “we can drive away, meet me on the motorway…” — it’s not until the end of the chorus that an infectious modern beat kicks in. But it proves to be a beat that was worth waiting for, as it’s truly hypnotic and only takes seconds to seduce you. During the next chorus, some louder beats and clattering piano come into play, essentially building the song into something bigger if not entirely epic. It’s quite the seductive song and it’s easy to see why she would want to open her album with it.


Little Boots Nocturnes album cover
Little Boots Nocturnes album cover



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