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J-POP BLISS: 4TE: “Ippo Zutsu (One Step at a Time)”

4TE, who we’ve featured on this site previously, have released a video for track two of their double A-side single debut.  It’s called “Ippo Zutsu (One Step at a Time)” and the video is very fun, full of energy and colorful.  And the song itself is brilliant, a perfectly produced, sunshiny, synthy treat that J-Pop fans should really get into.  If you like Capsule or Perfume, you’ll be jumping for joy when you hear this one.

Youtube info:

Published on Feb 14, 2015

“Ippo Zutsu (One Step at a Time)” from 4TE’s Debut Double A-Side single “M O R E/Ippo Zutsu”.
We had the pleasure to collaborate with FrolicLassie (, our manager Berry Risa’s dance group, for this music video. Please enjoy!

Full album is now available for purchase at:
iTunes currently in the works.

4TEのデビュー両A面シングル「M O R E/一歩ずつ」から「一歩ずつ」のミュージックビデオです。


Melody/作曲: Christi Arredondo, Jennifer Diaz, Mei Sasmita
Lyrics/作詞: Berry Risa
Music/編曲: Richard Garza, Christi Arredondo
Vocals/ボーカル: Chii, Jenny, Mei, Micchi
Choreography/振り付け : Micchi, Jalyna “Jeena” Wojnowski
Video Editor/映像編集: Jeena
Graphic Design/グラフィックデザイン: Ceeney
MV Storyboard/MV絵コンテ: Berry Risa
MV Drama/MV出演: FrolicLassie (…)

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