Bombus is back, motherfuckers!  OK, so, maybe that’s a bit too dramatic, but you’ll feel like using some exclamation points yourself after you listen to the band’s contagious new track “Deadweight,” which hails from their new album Repeat Until Death, which is due out via Century Media Records on February 26th, 2016.  The thing I love about these guys is that they’re super heavy, yet their music is entirely accessible.  Anyone who likes catchy, heavy songs can dig this.  And you don’t get such catchy songs from most metal bands these days.  With most metal lately, I find that I have to force myself to listen to something three or four times before it even starts to grow on me.  But I loved Repeat Until Death from the first time I heard it and you’re going to, too.  Also, this video is a complete riot.  Not at first, but at one point something suddenly happens and it becomes quite comic.  Unlike most videos, you feel like you’ve watched an actual short film when you’re done watching this one.  Wicked awesome, as we say here in the Bawstin area.

Pre-order Repeat Until Death:
You can also pre-order the digital album at iTunes and Amazon and get “Deadweight” and the album title track “Repeat Until Death” as Instant Grat tracks.
Check it the previously released lyric video for “Repeat Until Death” here:
BOMBUS online: 



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