If Styx and Iron Maiden had a love child, Sweden’s The Dagger would be it.  You can hear classic ’70’s rock in this as well as vintage ’80’s Iron Maiden.  You also hear hints of Rainbow, Foreigner, Deep Purple and so many other renowned bands.  But the way The Dagger mesh all of these things together is something wholly original.  Because, really, you’d never hear 38 Special doing something so heavy as Iron Maiden’s “The Trooper.”  Meanwhile, you’d never hear Judas Priest doing something so mellow as Night Ranger.

The Dagger’s self-titled debut album will be released on June 30th in Europe and on July 22nd in North America.

The Dagger track-listing:
1. Ahead Of You All
2. Call Of 9
3. Ballad Of An Old Man
4. Skygazer
5. Electric Dawn
6. 1978
7. Dogs Of Warning
8. Nocturnal Triumph
9. Inside The Monolithic Dome
10. Dark Cloud
11. Mainline Riders (CD-only bonus track)

THE DAGGER line-up:
Jani Kataja – vocals
David Blomqvist – guitars
Tobias Cristiansson – bass
Fred Estby – drums

03.07.2014 – Stockholm (Sweden) – Bar Brooklyn (album release show, free entry)
18.-19.09.2014 – Stockholm (Sweden) – Close-Up Båten

THE DAGGER online:



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