Lots of music is trippy.  But there aren’t so many songs that take you on a trip.  Well, there are plenty of psychedelic artists who do precisely that, but I’m talking about pop songs.  What we have here with Canopies is  brilliant pop with just enough psychedelic flourishes to make their song, “Choose Yer Own Adventure,” take you on a magnificent voyage.  The song’s title is rather fitting because just where you go on your trip will depend on what’s going on inside of your mind…  But suffice to say that this song will transport you to somewhere.  Even if you don’t want it to, it’ll suck you in and you’ll be unable to concentrate on anything else until it’s over.  Once it goes through your ears and registers in the brain it’s too late for you.  You’re in its clutches and you’d better be prepared to let your subconscious run wild…  Just don’t blame me if your trip proves to be a nightmare.

Canopies debut LP Maximise Your Faith is due out December 9th On Forged Artifacts.



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