Well, well, well, here’s an album title we’ve never heard a pop star use before: FOOD.  That’s right, ladies and gents, the new Kelis album is called Food.  It drops April 22, 2014, so start listening to your old Kelis albums now and work up a hearty appetite!  We highly recommend her last album, Flesh Tone, which is essentially an electro-pop masterpiece, although it’s plenty influenced by R&B, too.  It’s also very forward-thinking and futuristic.  Some of it calls to mind Daft Punk’s Random Access Memories.  And the fact that it didn’t win any Grammy Awards still bugs us.

The first single from Food has been released on iTunes and it’s the album’s opening track, “Jerk Ribs.” And, no, it doesn’t seem to be about spare ribs or short ribs or any kind of ribs that you eat. It’s all about music.  “When I was a girl, my daddy was my world / He played the notes and keys / He said to look for melody in everything,” she sings oh-so-smoothly during the enchanting bridge.  During the chorus she incites the listener to call on her.  “So don’t miss this, this is for the good time,” she sings, her vocals wholly uplifting and invoking Lenny Kravitz.  “So call on me, it feels just like it should.”  As for the music, the track is exquisitely produced with irresistible,  funky ’70’s style bass guitar, loud and glimmering horns, a plenty danceable beat and lots of shimmering strings.  We wouldn’t be surprised to learn that an entire orchestra played on the track.  While it isn’t futuristic like the songs on Flesh Tone, it’s deliciously retro yet sounds current and vital, too.  In other words, it’s just perfect!


01. ‘Jerk Ribs’
02. ‘Breakfast’
03. ‘Forever Be’
04. ‘Floyd’
05. ‘Runner’
06. ‘Hooch’
07. ‘Cobbler’
08. ‘Bless the Telephone’
09. ‘Fish Fry’
10. ‘Change’
11. ‘Rumble’
12. ‘Biscuits ‘n’ Gravy’
13. ‘Dreamer’

Release Date: April 22nd 2014


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