Magic is a rapper hailing from “the DMV” (Washington D.C.) and he’s quite the talented guy.  His beats remind me of old House of Pain and Cypress Hill.  There was a connection between those two groups and a few others.  They called their collective group Soul Assassins.  Magic’s music is very much in that vein.  Or at least it sounds like how I remember old Cypress Hill and company sounding.  All that being said, his beats don’t sound entirely retro.  They manage to sound just the right amount of retro and the right amount of modern.  “Turn Up,” for example, could be the music for an A$AP Ferg song.

I’ve sat here a couple of times about to quote Magic’s lyrics, but everything I’ve thought to quote wouldn’t sound right out of context.  You really need to listen to his wonderful flow of words, flow of rhymes.  His delivery is perfect, really.  I love his tone, his energy — Smoke and Mirrors is definitely one mixtape you will not regret downloading.  Well, unless lyrics about violence and sex and drugs bother ya.  If you’re easily offended, well, go listen to Barry Mannilow or something. If you’re a fan of rap music, then you really must go get it NOW… It’s free and legal and all that jazz…



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