Chii is a member of the recently formed J-Pop girl group 4TE, which I’ve been very impressed by so far and I expect that I’ll continue to be. To that end, I’m really, really hoping they’ll release a full-length album soon. Their music is one of the best things to happen to J-Pop since Kyary Pamyu Pamyu (someone else we’d love a new album from soon).

“Why Do I?” is Chii’s solo debut and, while she might be pondering why she cries in the lyrics, it’s a fresh, upbeat tune with enough disco thump to be danced to. Meanwhile, its colorful palette fills your head with all sorts of dazzling images, which is certainly what the tres glam video is all about. (It’s loaded with magical ’80’s graphics.) It’s the sort of song you listen to on your phone while eating gummi bears and Sour Patch Kids with your best friend before a movie starts. Suffice to say, it’ll make you feel like a kid! And if you actually are a kid, well, it’ll make you feel sophisticated. It’s just plain FUN, therefore anyone who likes fun songs should enjoy it! Also, it’s in English, so those of you who’d normally avoid J-Pop because you refuse to listen to music in foreign languages can safely listen to this one without being perturbed.

The song was produced by PromWolf, who also produces 4TE, and Chii has stated that her influences included Justice and Especia.

From Youtube:

Hi peeps how are you?
I finally managed to throw together
a music video for my new single “Why do I?”
Credit where credit is due! A lot of the graphics used were found in a Google search! (Some animation was original)

Written by Alexander Garza and Christi Arredondo





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