February 16th Canadian metal legends Anvil will release their new album, Anvil is Anvil, via Steamhammer Records.  Today they’ve just released the lyric video for the lead single “Die For A Lie” and, as usual, they kick some fucking ass.  But they’ve been at it since the late 70’s so we would certainly hope that they would.  Then again, a lot of bands who’ve been around as long as them have lost their mojo, releasing tired albums that all sound like poor attempts to mimic past albums.  Well, if “Die For A Lie” is any indication, Anvil still have their muse and she continues to inspire.  This time around, they’re criticizing people who use religion as an excuse to go to war, which is one metal theme that never gets old and could not be any more timely than it is right now.  If you’re missing Lemmy and Motorhead, Anvil might be just what the doctor ordered, Steve “Lips” Kudlow having the same sort of gritty voice.  In any case, we’re pretty sure Beavis and Butthead would have approved and we sure do, too.

Guitar player and singer Lips says about the song:
“Even in modern times mankind has not found peace. We cling to ancient beliefs and wage wars against each other in the names of God. We still have no proof or solid scientific evidence that our beliefs are in fact truth or fact. Killing each other over theories of origin…We are still in our infancy as far as civilization is concerned. We are slowly discovering our true factual origins and eventually we will discover the truths. A truth that can’t be denied is that people have lost the plot of what religion was supposed to be about….instead of spreading love and understanding we spread hate and ignorance…murdering each other because we believe one God and belief is better than another…when it all is likely bullshit!!!! Die for a Lie”
Drummer Robb Reiner adds:
” Die For A Lie”…Musically is a perfect Anvil template out of the classic blueprints, fully charged with riffs only found with Anvil, and drum arrangements very unique to Anvil style and sound!…..Lyrically its suggested for all those who are in belief of handed down broken telephone lines (Religion)….take another look!!!!!….

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Published on Feb 5, 2016

Taken from the new album “Anvil Is Anvil” – Out February 26th 2016!
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