When your site is called Love is Pop, you get an awful lot of pop music submissions.  And I say awful because some of them truly are.  But I’m a perfectionist.  I’m picky about what I review.  To that end, I’m always very excited when I find a truly awesome song that we can premiere, which is certainly the case with newcomer Olivia Cipriani’s splendid new single “Limitless.”  It’s bursting with glimmering synth, high octane beats and what sounds like lasers from a sci-fi movie.  The bass guitar is also rather interesting because it sounds like live bass guitar that was chopped up and spliced back together for a chunky, persistent sound that’s mighty addictive.  Then there’s the vocals.  Wow, Olivia is on fire, her voice equal parts powerful and sweet.  Among her influences are Beyonce and Etta James and you can hear hints of soul and R&B in her vocals here even though it’s dance pop.  I can’t wait to hear what she does next.  I’m sure she could make a hugely successful pop record, but I can hear her voice singing just about everything, even jazz.  Triple J, Annie Mac and Radio 1 need to get on this now, unless they want to be the last to break it.  Because it’s going to break.  A song like this exists to be heard by the masses.  Luckily, you get to be among the cool kids to hear it first!


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