“A friend’s a friend / An enemy is an enemy / So who are you? / It’s getting close to war,” sings Ulrika Uma during “I’m Gonna Do Me,” the fiery opening track of her sugary, sweet new EP, DO IT. The gorgeous, blonde singer/songwriter hails from the land of perfect, pristine pop — and by that I do mean Sweden. Produced by JURY in his “state of the art bedroom studio,” the track blends scorching rock guitars with thunderous drums and lush, radiant synth as well as assorted electro-flourishes and slamming pop percussion. While the title sounds overtly sexual, it’s as much about self-empowerment as anything else as it tells off a selfish user. That said, the follow track, “Let Me See You Dance,” is entirely sexual. “It’s a one night only thing / I just want to hear you say my name,” she purrs, the inflection in her voice nothing short of tantalizing. Musically, it’s a perfect blend of hard-hitting dance beats and fluttery electro-pop that immediately calls to mind Kylie Minogue. The highly addictive chorus of the EP’s remaining track, “Finally,” also packs mean dance beats, but during the verses it’s more like jittery ’90’s R&B. “Finally, I’m feeling love like it’s supposed to be,” she declares, evoking Kim Wilde. Like the previous two tracks, it’s a non-stop delight that clocks in at approximately three and a half minutes, making it primed for Top 40 radio and leaving listeners wanting more. Of the three tracks, it’s the one that most begs for the remix treatment and it’s impossible to listen to it without imagining what it would sound like in the hands of Dave Aude or Tiesto.

If any of this sounds even remotely interesting then you should head on over to Ulrika’s Bandcamp page immediately because she’s giving away the EP for free. That’s right, FREE. So, don’t wait — be among the first to witness pop music’s latest sensation in the making before she takes over the entire blogosphere. And remember where you heard her first. http://ulrikauma.bandcamp.com/

Watch a behind-the-scenes video about the EP:





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