DOCUMENTARY: Majical Cloudz – A Lot of Humans [Director: Neil Corcoran]

Majical Cloudz opened for Lorde during her North American tour in 2014.  Their former tour manager, Neil Corcoran, decided to accompany them on the road again but in a different capacity, as a documentary filmmaker.  Previously, he’d only directed a small number of low budget videos.  Also, Lorde’s people would not allow him to film Lorde or her staff or her show, putting several restrictions on Corcoran.  In spite of this, though, he managed to put together a nice short film that shows the more relaxing side of being on tour.  The documentary is scored by Majical Cloudz themselves and it has a rather zen-like vibe.  I wasn’t familiar with them before I watched this but I found it enjoyable nevertheless.

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