The new two song single by Divine Fits is being called “Ain’t That The Way / Chained To Love.” But “Chained To Love” is actually the first track if you download it from Amazon or iTunes. (It’s also available on vinyl!)

As you probably know, Divine Fits are often referred to as a supergroup. Their line-up is Brit Daniel from Spoon on bass and vocals, Dan Boeckner from Wolf Parade on guitars and vocals, Sam Brown from New Bomb Turks on drums and percussion and Alex Fischel on keyboards and synthesizers. Genre-wise, they’re usually referred to as indie rock and I think that’s pretty accurate. But I wouldn’t disagree if you called them alternative or indie pop rock.

“Chained To Love” is an immediately catchy tune with shades of punk and new wave injected into their usual rock sound. The lead vocals are handled by Boeckner, who sings it with just the right amount of attitude and provides some slick guitar licks. The other members of the band really shine here as well. Brown’s drums drive the song with just the right amount of kick. Meanwhile, Daniel’s sometimes chugging bass guitar sound is infectious and the interplay between the bass and the drums is fantastic. And Fischel provides a glorious synth hook during the chorus that totally makes the song. If The Cars covered this and released it as a single they just might have a shot at a comeback. To that end, at times Boeckner would seem to be channeling Ric Ocasek.

Boeckner’s raw guitars are more prominent during “Ain’t That The Way,” which Daniel sings with endearing grit in his voice. While “Chained To Love” grabs you right away the first time you hear it, “Ain’t That The Way” might take a few spins to grow on you. Its hooks are more relaxed, kind of subtle. At times it calls to mind old Tom Petty, at others The Strokes. And the lyrics are rather clever. I especially love this verse: “Your mommy’s got all she’s got / Your daddy’s got Epsom salt / To help with the bruises / Your mother’s got places to go / And daddy knows all he knows / You better replace the fuses.” It might not be as catchy as “Chained To Love,” but it wins you over because it’s so witty.

Here they perform “Chained To Love” and “Ain’t That The Way” on Conan:



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