La Sera, a.k.a. Katy Goodman, is back.  However, this time she does not come alone.  Instead, La Sera is a duo now, the other half being her better half, guitarist/co-writer/new husband Todd Wisenbaker.  To that end, let’s hope she’s not singing to him during the sparkling chorus of their new single “High Notes,” which goes, “I’m saying goooodbye.” [insert a winking face or two here]  Seriously though, this song is a whole lot of fun — like a barrel of monkeys — and sure to please fans of Katy’s previous three albums.  Although you might be surprised as you listen to this track and discover that it’s country-tinged, which would explain why the performance in the video is on a faux country variety show, albeit a country variety show with lots of sci-fi tomfoolery.  It’s quite zany, which is why this review is a bit weird!

“High Notes” is taken from La Sera’s new album Music For Listening to Music To, which was recorded live in the studio on analog with Ryan Adams producing.  The record drops March 4th and if you like this track then you’re going to love it.

album cover

PHOTO: Julia Brokaw

PHOTO: Julia Brokaw

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