AMAZEBALLS!  OK, you’ll have to forgive the cheesy slang — it’s just that this new tune by Austra, the title track from their forthcoming Habitat EP, is so bloody good that it has us giggling, tickled pink by its brilliance.  Plus, it truly is awesome in every sense of the word.  Epic, too.  It starts off punchy enough, but it keeps on adding layers of progressively louder, more thunderous beats, growing more and more sonorous until you reach to turn down your speakers.  Not that you’ll quite be able to do it.  Deep down, you’ll know this is too good to turn down.

Ultimately, it’s like the Austra we know from their first two albums on massive amounts of steroids.  Bigger, faster, stronger.  Genre-bending, too.  It starts off like darkwave-informed  synth pop and quickly shifts into throbbing electro-pop then it slams you with clusters of essentially brutal EDM beats.  We can’t recall the last song that quite did that.  This one would be a winner even if it was an instrumental.  But the fact that it has Katie Stelmanis’ haunting vocals cascading over it all makes it something more than just a winner.  It makes it a show stopper.  And a game changer.

Soundcloud info:

Habitat is the title track from Austra’s EP out on 12″ and digitally on June 17, 2014 on Paper Bag (Canada) / Domino (Rest of the World).

Pre-order the limited-edition of 500 hand-numbered 12″ or digital and receive an instant download of ‘Habitat’:



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