Today Ben Lee unveiled the video for his uppity and infectious new single, “Big Love,” and it’s as heart-warming as a music video could ever possibly be.  You see, the video is made up of the home video footage of the longest married couple in the U.S., John and Ann Betar, who are celebrating 82 years together.  They were married in 1932 and it looks like they’ve had an awful lot of good times together.  Cheers to them and cheers to Ben!

And if you haven’t already checked out Ben’s new album, Love is the Great Rebellion, I highly recommend that you do.  It’s a truly amazing pop opus full of uplifting tunes from start to finish.

“The video, like the song, is a tribute to deep love and surrender,” Lee says. “It’s not a transient love. It’s not teen romance, a crush, or an infatuation. It is a wellspring of hope and possibility that lies dormant in the human heart until it is unlocked with will, commitment, and tenderness. I found John and Ann Betar’s story online and when I tracked down some video footage and witnessed the spark that is still so clear between them, I knew they were a living expression of the ‘Big Love’ I was talking about. This video is all them. It is culled from over 50 years of private family footage that they generously gave me to make this music video. Young people are so bombarded nowadays by messages about divorce and the failure of long-term relationships. I hope this video creates a counter-argument to that outlook. I hope it encourages people to love, and hope, and hold on, until the very end.”

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