These New Puritans have always been rather bizarre and I’m pleased to say that they continue to be so. That said, they’re three albums in now and they’ve yet to make the same album twice. On the contrary, if you played someone all three albums they would never guess that they were all the work of the same band. Their debut, Beat Pyramid, was a delicious blend of electronica, breakbeat and post punk. Their sophomore effort, Hidden, continued to be beat-heavy with elements of electro but there was also an ambient element with a hint of classical. Their new album, Field of Reeds, takes the classical ball and runs with it, meanwhile incorporating elements of jazz. Where they started out loud and somewhat in-your-face, now they’re better suited for lulling you off to sleep at night. Their music continues to be rich and complex, however, and you might describe them as Radiohead meets Bach. The truly enchanting album was arranged with conductor André de Ridder and features basso profundo Adrian Peacock, renowned British jazz trumpeter Henry Lowther, Dutch contemporary composer Michel van der Aa, Swedish soundtrack arranger Hans Ek and Portuguese jazz singer Elisa Rodrigues.

These New Puritans - Field Of Reeds






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