“I know you will be fine / when I’m around,” sings The Polyphonic Spree’s frontman Tim DeLaughter during “You Don’t Know Me,” the peppy, flute-laced opening track to the choral symphonic pop band’s new album Yes, It’s True. During the chorus he continues to be uber-positive when he sings, “There’s always more to you than there are of them.” It makes one wonder if he’d be better suited for speaking at self-help seminars than fronting a pop group. And it almost frames the gigantic band — currently 20 members — as a cult. To that end, if you randomly walked into a venue and caught one of their shows, you probably would think that they were a cult, given their numbers, their ornate robes and their enigmatic frontman who constantly sings lyrics that make it sound like he’s channeling Deepak Chopra. That said, The Polyphonic Spree has a huge following — not unlike a cult — who’ve come to expect such positivity from them. And this album was fan-funded through Kickstarter, so, obviously, they’re going to give the fans what they want. So, you really can’t fault them for that. If their music makes you feel like you’re being preached to and it bugs ya, nobody is forcing you to listen. But, it you don’t mind an overdose of optimism and you like melodious pop songs with huge backing vocals and a wide array of instruments then The Polyphonic Spree is likely to plant a great big smile on your face.  Other highlights include the uber-catchy wind instrument fest that is “Hold Yourself Up,” the horn-laced “Popular By Design,” and the Beatles-esque “Blurry Up The Lines.”


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