Sweet California is a girl group hailing from Spain. Why they’re called Sweet California, then, I have no idea. And, you know what, they’re kind of everything you should hate about pop music. Which is to say that they’re super, super cheesy, way too bright and shiny, music aimed at tweens, etc. Also, their songs are often more like advertising jingles than proper songs. For example, they did songs for Monster High and Big Hero 6. But, guess what, despite all of this, I find myself really enjoying their album. It might be bubble gum, but, hey, bubble gum tastes pretty wonderful before it loses its flavor. So, the trick here is to only listen to the album sporadically, as much as it is addictive, so that every time you listen to it you’ll dig the hell out of it and it never loses its flavor.
If I had to compare Sweet California to other groups, they’d be S Club 7, Atomic Kitten, Steps, etc. It’s all very light-hearted and sweet. And did I mention that the songs are wicked catchy, as we say in Massachusetts? Because they are super infectious.
Sweet-California-Break-of-Day-2014-1500x1500You could almost say these songs are rocket science, since they follow a mainstream pop blue print to the T. Their songs are less about art and more about architecture. Like I said, you should hate them, but you won’t. Not if you’re a top 40 pop music junkie. “Trouble” and “Indigo” are two of the most upbeat, irresistible songs I’ve heard lately. And if you’re getting bored with the album, check out this iTunes Super Deluxe Edition, which is 25 tracks long. Larger, same price, as they always say on bags of potato chips. Actually, I believe that’s incorrect. Larger, slightly higher price is more like it. And you will like it. Because, like, like they’re as insidious as, like, a potent narcotic. One hit and your life flashes before your eyes and basically ends right there. You’ll want to kill yourself for liking this but you’ll keep listening instead. On a serious note, though, the remixes, live and acoustic tracks on this edition are great because they all give the songs a new feel, making them punchier, more vibrant or more organic respectively.My apologies for this lame review, especially if it gets you to listen to the album and become its latest victim. I didn’t want to push it on you but I couldn’t help myself.

Youtube was apparently having issues when this review was posted, as none of the group’s videos would embed.  So, check out their Youtube Channel here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBY-fne-oXNKuemmU1VYMNw






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