#albumoftheday / REVIEW: LNDN DRGS: AKTIVE

They might be called LNDN DRGS — London Drugs, get it? — but they actually hail from California. Their music is the perfect marriage of Jay Worthy’s relaxed rap delivery and producer Sean House’s jumpy bass lines and globs of old school synth. Together, they make music that’s both modern and retro all at once. And while their sound is decidedly west coast, New York’s own late A$AP Yams is featured on two of the *free* album’s very best tracks, “FAST BLAKK” and “UZA TRIKK.” Jay met up with Yams, the A$AP Mob architect, several years ago and considers him a mentor, which is audible throughout AKTIVE.

When it comes to sampling, Sean extracts choice bits of old R&B, soul and funk tunes. The tracks don’t necessarily sample enough of these songs for you to say “oh, that’s a sample of ___ by ___,” but they will probably give you deja vu at least a couple of times when you first listen to the album. I could swear I know the song that features heavily in “FAST BLAKK,” but, no, I can’t place it.

Aside from A$AP Yams, the AKTIVE party features some lively guests, namely G Perico, Mitchy Slick, YG Hootie, Dubb, Earl Swavey, Krayzie Bone, AD & Lil L, RetcH and $ha Hef and K Dee. This is one joint you don’t want to miss out on. And you have no excuse not to download it, since it’s entirely free! I especially recommend “UZA TRIKK,” “REAL LIFE” and “TIME FLIES.” One of the year’s strongest rap releases, to be sure.

FREE ALBUM DOWNLOAD: http://smarturl.it/lndndrgs



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