Deathrite is one of those hybrid style bands that, on paper, shouldn’t work. Their unique sound blends elements of thrash, punk, death metal and grindcore in a way that is both invigorating and like a breath of fresh air.

From the opening chords of Revelation of Chaos’ first track, “Melting Skies,” the album sinks its hooks deep inside your flesh and makes you bleed but does so in a way that feels like sheer pleasure, like it’s the most exciting thing ever. It also worms its way deep inside your brain and puts your pleasure centers in overdrive; it will have you jumping up and down, fist-pumping along with devil horns.

Guitars screech as “Circle of Destruction” begins its fierce attack, throwing a cavalcade of spiky riffs in your direction. It’s an all out assault on your eardrums but you’ll turn it up to anyway because this is one of those records that makes you say “fuck it” like that.

Things slow to a brutal grind for “Determinate To Rot,” which calls to mind the early work of Exodus. “Toxic Hammer” is like a doom metal record that’s supposed to be played at 33 but instead is playing at 45. “Wrathbringer” is what The Misfits might have sounded like if they were a death metal band.

In terms of the musicianship, these guys fire on all cylinders. They blend soundscapes, technical expertise and coruscating guitars deliciously. Each of the musicians here is equally impressive. You’d swear you were listening to a supergroup of seasoned pros.

With Revelation of Chaos, Deathrite have undoubtedly birthed THE record that will propel them into the big league.



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