I’ll always miss Wolfmother, but, let’s face it, Andrew was the voice, guitarist and chief songwriter, so he basically *is* Wolfmother. So, I suppose it made sense that he would release his new album under his own name after the last line-up of Wolfmother disbanded. But there’s another reason why this album is better suited by his own name and not the Wolfmother moniker: this time around, he’s branched out, exploring different tempos, guitar textures and even vocal styles. It’s still obvious that Robert Plant is a big influence but Andrew doesn’t do that Plant-like howl throughout these 17 songs. Sure, there are plenty of songs in that vein, but many of the songs on Keep Moving are decidedly more subtle. It was obvious that his biggest influences on the Wolfmother albums were Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath and Hendrix, but here he’s influenced as much by bands like Cream, The Doors and The Who. It makes for a very interesting album, taking you on a journey through the ’60’s and ’70’s while also feeling fresh and vibrant. And, honestly, all 17 of these songs are marvelous. I especially recommend “Year of the Dragon” and “Meridian.”

Andrew Stockdale - Keep Moving album cover

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