#albumoftheday / #amlistening = DOE PAORO: SOFT POWER

Doe Paoro’s Soft Power album is her generation’s answer to Carole King’s Tapestry. Heartfelt, earnest singer-songwriter tunes with thought-provoking and insightful lyrics made with real instruments, including lots of smooth piano. All decorated with a wide variety of influences. For example, “Over” has a distinct Motown vibe while other tracks, like “Guilty” and “Cage of Habits,” have soul written all over them.

If she ever needs the money, I have no doubt that Doe could make a fortune writing songs for adult-oriented radio artists. I can easily hear everyone from Carly Simon to Streisand singing her work. That said, if she ever does start writing for others, I hope she won’t release any less music herself. That’s partially because the world needs more of Doe’s exemplary albums. And also because her records rank high among those that I cling to like oxygen when I find myself drenched in melancholy, as it quickly becomes obvious that she knows pain as well as joy when you absorb the words that she sings.


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