An Interview with Lech Wierzynski of The California Honeydrops

I recently fell madly in love with an album called A River’s Invitation by The California Honeydrops. A band whose members play half the instruments under the sun, who call the Bay Area of San Francisco home, they blend everything from old jazz and pre-blues with New Orleans funk and classic R&B. In...
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#songoftheday = Project Skyward: “Holographic Universe”

Project Skyward is the musical name Los Angeles resident Ryan Field goes by. He's a holistic science/astronomy graduate, which say a lot about his songwriting perspective, which is both unique and a blend of several genres, including ambient, electronic, shoegaze, and new age and I dare say...
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#songoftheday = Circus Maximus – “Remember”

Circus Maximus' "Remember" is one of the best blends of modern rock and old school metal I've ever heard. Just dig the super modern guitars of the verses and chorus then cheer on the old school metal solo; fantastic! Here's one that can be played on...
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