Kanye recently stated that God is a “featured guest” on his new album Yeezus.  (I’m not sure where he said this, but it’s all over the internet so, you know, it must be true.)  STRYPER sent the following reply to TMZ and it’s hilarious:

“First of all, and with all due respect, how is it possible for Kanye to claim that God is a featured guest on his new record when God is a contracted member of our band, Stryper? Everyone knows that God is in Stryper and we could be looking at a serious legal issue here:-)

In all seriousness, I think what Kanye may be trying imply is that God is a “featured guest” on his new record in terms of Kanye’s relationship and deep faith in God. When you believe in God, you want Him to be a part of everything you do, guiding you through the entire process. So, I get that and understand what is meant.

I would love though for Kanye to be a little more specific about the exact tracks that God performed on his record. I’ve always wondered – is God a drummer, a bassist, a guitarist or a singer? I’m guessing The Master of all.”






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