The electronic/synth-pop group The Hawk In Paris will release their full-length debut, Freaks, on October 29th.  The single, “Freaks,” will be unleashed on iTunes on October 15th.  The group is currently streaming the track along with “Beg For Love” and “Put Your Arms Around Me” on Soundcloud:

The Hawk In Paris consists of writer/lyricist Dan Haseltine (Jars of Clay), producer/writer Matthew Bronlewee (Paul Van Dyke, Selena Gomez), and producer/writer Jeremy Bose (The Band Perry, Amy Grant, Sugar + The Hi-Lows).  The group was born when three college buddies reunited after 10 years and decided to write some music together since they were all musicians.  Their album is influenced by everything from ’80’s synth pop to ’90’s trip-hop to modern electro-pop.  Specific influences the band cites are Massive Attack, Kraftwerk, Portishead, Eurythmics, Depeche Mode, M83, The Postal Service and Gotye.  The group are currently running a Pledge Music campaign to generate funds to cover production costs.  Fans can get great deals on CDs, vinyl and other goodies by pledging.

The Hawk In Paris on Pledge Music:

Love is Pop is pleased to announce that we will be unveiling an exclusive interview with The Hawk In Paris in the not so distant future.

Track Listing
1. Freaks
2. Beg For Love
3. Put Your Arms Around Me
4. The New Hello
5. Science Fiction
6. Curse The Love Songs
7. Wake Me Up
8. Simple Machine
9. Cannons
10. Birds on a Wire
11. Between the World and You
12. When the Stars Come Out

Freaks album cover large

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