Limited edition releases from Deerhoof, Xiu Xiu, and Ida available Record Store Day 2016.
For immediate release:
Polyvinyl Announces 2016

Record Store Day Releases

Limited edition titles from Deerhoof, Xiu Xiu and Ida


Offend Maggie was originally released in 2008 on Kill Rock Stars, but has since fallen out of print on vinyl. This LP is the first to feature current guitarist Ed Rodriguez.

  • Limited to 2500 (white vinyl w/ gatefold jacket).
  • New sequence by drummer Greg Saunier.
“Deerhoof offset the cutesiness with fuzzed-out riffs and brawny beats that even AC/DC fans could dig.”  – Rolling Stone

“Though the sludgy abrasiveness of 1970s classic rock dominates, the influences, instruments and electronic sounds fly by at a dizzying pace.”  – Paste


Australia’s Gallery of Modern Art commissioned Xiu Xiu to reinterpret the music from Twin Peaks for their David Lynch: Between Two Worlds exhibition. Since then, the band has performed select concerts all over the globe culminating in a proper studio album of the compositions.

  • Limited to 2000 (180-gram 2xLP on red & blue vinyl).
  • Mixed by Deerhoof’s Greg Saunier.
  • Produced by Jherek Bischoff (Amanda Palmer, Ariel Pink).
“It’s difficult to overstate the cultural impact of Twin Peaks 25 years ago. Transferring his art-house cinema ethic to the small screen, David Lynch’s cerebral, surrealist murder mystery series towered like a desert skyscraper over the wastelands of mainstream US TV drama.

A large part of the series’ appeal lay in the hypnotic, spectral soundtrack that won a Grammy for its composer, Angelo Badalamenti. Invited earlier this year to reinterpret that music for a Lynch retrospective at the Gallery of Modern Art in Brisbane, Californian avant-noise trio Xiu Xiu have now taking their work on a world tour.”
– The Guardian

Stream Xiu Xiu’s interpretation of the show’s theme, “Falling,” on Pitchfork.


To celebrate the 15-Year Anniversary of Ida’s classic album Will You Find Me, this gorgeous record is being re-issued as a deluxe 2xLP in expanded packaging, including a gatefold jacket and lyric insert.

  • Limited to 2000 (180-gram black vinyl in gatefold jacket with download code).
  • Remastered for vinyl and expanded to a 2xLP at 45RPM.

Ida’s Daniel Littleton on the reissue:

“This is how I always dreamed this music should be presented to the world. Will You Find Me was recorded to be a double album, to be heard analog, 45rpm, to be a gatefold, to be on a quality vinyl pressing in this way. This repressing recontextualizes this work in a way that really matters to me, and I feel like our real vision for this album has finally been realized, 15 years or so after it came out, this music gets another life, as close to our original vision as we will ever get.”

“Will You Find Me is sad, pretty, hope-filled, exquisitely crafted, and utterly haunting.”
Entertainment Weekly“[The songs on Will You Find Me are] like the whispers of uncertain lovers in a perpetual dance of vulnerability and assurance, parting and reconciliation.” – The New York Times

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