According to Contact Music, the the New York Daily News has obtained a copy of a “cheat sheet” instructing people who work with Britney Spears to lie and say that she’ll be singing live during her ‘Britney: Piece of Me’ shows in Vegas when the document states: ”All vocals will be pre-recorded.”  It adds that the ”live” band ”will be pre-recorded also.”

Some of the lies the “cheat sheet” instructs people to say:

”Yes! She will be singing live!”

”Certainly she will be singing live!”

”Yes, all vocals will be live!”

”No lip-syncing will happen at the show.”

MICHAEL SAYS: Personally, I find this very disturbing.  People come to your shows to see you perform live, intending to hear you actually sing your songs.  When you lip-synch, you’re lying to your audience.  You’re deliberately leading them to believe that you’re singing live when you’re not.  And they know this is lying, which is why they’re telling people to tell lies to cover it up. I actually think it should be considered fraud when artists lip-synch UNLESS they specifically state in all advertising for the shows that they will be doing so.  I’m not saying that people should go to jail for lip-synching, but I do think they should be fined in proportion to however much money they’re making for the shows where they’re committing fraud.

We really thought, and hoped, that Britney was at the top of her game and that she’d finally be singing live at these shows.  It’s disheartening to learn otherwise.

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