Yes, you read that correctly, Natasha Khan, known professionally as Bat For Lashes, is releasing a new album this year. (First Garbage, now Natasha — this is going to be a marvelous year indeed!)  It’s called The Bride and it will be released on July 1st.  You can find the two tracks from the album that have been unveiled so far below.  The album was produced by Khan in collaboration with Head, Dan Carey, Simone Felice and Ben Christophers.  It appears to be a concept album and is said to draw inspiration from a short film Khan wrote and directed called I Do, which will premiere in April at NYC’s Tribeca Film Festival.  To that end, we’re hoping you’ll be able to download it from iTunes shortly thereafter.  Or maybe there will be a cool deluxe edition of the album that comes with it on a bonus DVD?  We can hope.   Let’s all cross our proverbial fingers.

The following is from the press release:

The Bride follows the story of a woman whose fiancé has been killed in a crash on the way to the church for their wedding. The Bride flees the scene to take the honeymoon trip alone, resulting in a dark meditation on love, loss, grief, and celebration.

Fittingly enough, Khan is going to perform a series of shows in churches, for which she’s encouraging people to wear formal clothes, as if they were in fact attending a wedding.  Unfortunately, there isn’t one scheduled for Boston yet.

Church shows:

04-20 Los Angeles, CA – First Presbyterian Church of Hollywood
05-13 Manchester, England – Manchester Cathedral
05-14 Brighton, England – St. Georges
05-16 London, England – Union Chapel
06-01 Brooklyn, NY – Saint Ann’s


01 I Do
02 Joe’s Dream (Don’t Say Goodbye)
03 In God’s House
04 Honeymooning Alone
05 Sunday Love
06 Never Forgive the Angels
07 Close Encounters
08 Widow’s Peak
09 Land’s End
10 If I Knew
11 I Will Love Again
12 In Your Bed


Part of the album’s press release.


Off to see if I can pre-order the album on vinyl now…






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