Yes, you’ve read the subject line correctly — the immensely talented, rising pop star known as Neon Hitch has just released a free mixtape.  (Grab it here:  It’s called 301 to Paradise and it’s six tracks, assuming you count the intro.  Every track is fantastic and proves that Neon Hitch is going to be a major pop star by the time 2014 is over.  Well, assuming that’s what she is aiming for.  We suppose she might prefer to be slightly obscure like Ladyhawke or Oh Land.  But when your songs are this catchy, sometimes you find yourself hugely popular in the blink of an eye, as Lorde did when “Royals” took off.

“Gypsy Star”
“We Can’t Stop”
“Red Lights”
“Some Like It Hot” (feat. Kinetics)
“Subtitles” (feat. Kinetics)

Yes, “We Can’t Stop” is a Miley Cyrus cover.  And it’s amazing, rivaling the original.  Listen and love it!


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