Mötley Crüe have announced that they’re breaking up.  According to USA Today, they are going to play 70 more shows around the globe with Alice Cooper as their opening act and then that’s it.  They’ve even signed a legal contract that states they’re breaking up after the tour.

We recall Nikki Sixx saying there would be another album before a farewell tour, so who knows if there’s an album in the can that will come out before or during the time they’re doing the farewell tour.  Personally, we would love another album from the band.  And we’ll feel a bit cheated if we don’t get one.

As for what they’re going to do with their time post break up…

Nikki Sixx still has his band Sixx A.M., which has been pretty darn successful with their two superb albums, and he also has his radio show.  We imagine that he’ll continue doing photography, something he’s quite masterful at nowadays, and will probably release another photography book accordingly.

Mick Mars, recently transplanted to Nashville, plans to record a solo album and write a book, which we assume will be an autobiography.  And, hey, it’s about time — all three other members of the band have put out solo autobiographies, following the hugely successful autobiography the band previously released, The Dirt. If you want to read about rock and rock excess and get each member of the band’s personal perspectives on their career, then you’ve got to read The Dirt.

Vince Neil plans to immerse himself in the restaurant business.  We imagine he’ll play lots of solo shows as well because he’s not one to sit around and do nothing.  In fact, even when Mötley Crüe are on tour, Vince will often squeeze in some solo dates on their days off.  For example, the band played the big arena at Mohegan Sun Casino not too long ago and roughly a month later Vince played a free solo show in the Wolf Den, a small club-sized venue where the Casino has free concerts most nights.  Our editor, Mike, caught that solo show at the Wolf Den, which drew a huge crowd, so clearly Vince could make a living doing solo shows.  In fact, he even did a second show at Mohegan’s Wolf Den around one month after the first one and he’s probably contracted to play there again in the not so distant future.

As for the band’s notorious drummer, Tommy Lee, US Today reports that “all he revealed is that he has some big surprises planned.”  We imagine he’ll put out another solo album and continue to DJ with his pal DJ Aero, whom he’s been DJing with for several years now.  But if he says he has big surprises planned then he’s sure to knock our socks off with something or other.

And the original, classic “Home Sweet Home” video, which was #1 on Dial MTV, the network’s video request show, until the network finally had to declare that videos could only qualify for a set amount of days, otherwise it could have been #1 forever…







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