If you watched the Grammys and wondered who the hell Macklemore is, well, you weren’t alone.  (You also weren’t alone if you wondered who the hell Lorde is.  But in that case, we’ve reviewed a couple of her releases here, so you can go check those out if you’re curious.)  Anyway, back in August of 2012 Macklemore did a Daytrotter session, which we’ve only just discovered today.  And we must say, it’s damn impressive.  We already knew about Macklemore and Ryan Lewis and their handful of hits, but we never really paid much attention to them.  Until we saw Macklemore rap on the Grammys.  That was pretty frickin’ good.  So, whether you’re already a fan or you’re simply curious about him, go check out this Daytrotter session.  And do yourself a favor and get a Daytrotter subscription so you can download this session and any other Daytrotter sessions you fancy.  What are Daytrotter sessions?  They’re basically like those iTunes Sessions.  But Daytrotter was doing it long — we’re talking years — before iTunes.  In any case, Daytrotter probably has sessions by half of your favorite artists.  Check them out.!/concert/macklemore/20030930-37382063


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