Remember Florrie?  The super talented pop songstress sent out the following update this morning:

“Hi Everyone!

I am SO excited to finally tell you that I’m going to be releasing some new tracks!!  But before I say anything else, I want to say a huge THANK YOU to all of you, my amazing fans, who have stood by me while I’ve been working away in the studio. Thanks so much for all of your support – knowing that you’re there and interested in what I’m doing has helped me so much. I’ve worked pretty obsessively for the last 12 months, day in day out writing my album and all of the songs that go with it…I cannot wait for you to hear them! PLUS I can’t wait for you to see my new site and new logo…but most importantly, new music!

I think it’s fair to say I’ve got a bit of “warming up” to do as I haven’t released any music since April last year. So when I was thinking about which tracks I wanted to release and how I wanted to do it, I looked back to 2010 and thought about how I ‘d got myself out there in the first place, and how I’d built interest and excitement for my music. What I did back then was put A LOT of music out, starting with “Call 911” in February 2010. In total, I released around 10 tracks in quick succession, and a lot of people started to discover me and my music. This led to lots of gigs, international syncs, and my EPs started to chart in various places all over the world (thanks to YOU). Putting a lot of music out can lead to lots of exciting things. I want to do the same again this year starting with……..


To get going, I’ve decided my first release of 2014 will be a 3 track EP called “Sirens”. Each track will have its own video, something I’ve never done before! I shot the videos in the 10 days leading up to Christmas. Two were directed by brilliant new director Jack Bowden and the other was made by Ferry Gouw, who’s done loads of cool stuff. As ever, they were styled by the amazing Phoebe Arnold, who I’ve worked with since the very beginning, and the whole process was art directed by Studio Moross. I’m so happy to be working with them!

I hope this EP creates a lot of excitement, and will be worth the wait for you guys. Each video will be released with only a few weeks between them, so you’ll get to hear all of the tracks on the EP by the end of April. It will then be available to download on iTunes 🙂 As I said earlier, I have to rebuild interest, excitement and anticipation in advance of releasing my album, and that’s the main reason for putting out this EP. I’m not expecting it to chart or anything, but I hope it gives me a solid platform to have hit songs in the future. To wish for anything more at this stage would be a bit unrealistic. However, fortune favours the brave and I think this campaign is really exciting, fun, and something quite different, so fingers crossed you guys like it!

I’ll be releasing lots of bits and pieces as we go through the next few days and weeks – logo, artwork, cover shots, amazing remixes as well as the videos and original tracks themselves. The first song to be released is probably one of the strangest tracks I’ve ever worked on! It’s called “Seashells” and I thought if I don’t release this song now I will never release it!! It’s very different for me, but it’s just got something about it that I really love, hopefully, you guys will too.

Finally, once again, thank you to anyone who has ever taken an interest in what I’ve been doing these last four years. Thanks to anyone who has downloaded a track, come to a gig, sent me a tweet, bought something from the Florrie Shop, or just been following my journey …YOU make my life special and everything I do worthwhile. Your support and passion is unbelievable and I’m so lucky to have you! As I said, the music will keep coming from now on….WORLD DOMINATION HERE WE COME!

Lots of love, Florrie x”







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