St. Vincent sent out an e-mail to all of her newsletter subscribers today.  We thought we’d post it in case any fans aren’t subscribed and would like to read it…


Hello, good people of the St. Vincent newsletter!

Lots of planes, trains, and automobiles since last we spoke. I’m currently at a cafe in a pre-4th of July soporific NYC overhearing a modeling agent lecture a perfectly lovely girl on what to eat in order to “make it in the biz.”    The movers and the shakers must continue to move and shake (and religiously monitor their caloric intake.)  Anyway, in the words of Evelyn Waugh, “I bear the dust of 3 continents…” And soon it will be 4, with exciting trips to South Korea and Japan coming up later in the month.  Don’t want to bore you with a list of dates and times and places, just wanted to say a quick thank you for being at or intending to be at the shows. It makes the pre-dawn airport runs, the checking of mail only to find long-expired X-mas cards, and the months spent away from loved ones all meaningful, all worth it.


See you out there. And, in the words of the nearby modeling agent, “granola is the f#$ing devil.”  Food for thought…







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