Davidge Announces Exclusive Soundcloud Global Remix Competition For New Track ‘Sensor’

Davidge is a longtime Massive Attack collaborator — and Halo 4 composer — who worked on the album Mezzanine and everything since. His album, Slo Light, is coming out on February 25th via The End Records and we’ll be giving it a very positive review. Now, he’s doing a remix competition for one of the new songs, “Sensor.” It’s the first time he’s ever unleashed the full audio stems of his work. The winner of the contest will be selected by U.S.-based remixers ‘Quadrant / Kid Hops & Iris” and the remix will be an additional track on Davidge’s next digital single and the limited 7” vinyl. The winner be contacted via Soundcloud on 24th March or shortly thereafter.

To find details on the full prize breakdown and to enter visit: http://remix.slolight.com/

The rules and legal terms can be found here: http://smarturl.it/DavidgeContestRules

To pre-order Davidge’s album SLO LIGHT go here: http://www.theomegaorder.com/Davidge

Davidge album cover

‘Slo Light’ full track listing:

1. Slo Light featuring Stephonik Youth
2. Gallant Foxes featuring Cate Le Bon
3. How Was Your Day featuring Karima Francis
4. Home From Home featuring Low Roar
5. They Won’t Know featuring Stephonik Youth
6. That Fever featuring Claire Tchaikowski
7. Riot Pictures featuring Sandie Shaw
8. Zero One Zero featuring Stephonik Youth
9. Sleepwalking featuring Emi Green
10. Anyone Laughing featuring Claire Tchaikowski
11. Hummingbird featuring Patrick Duff  (Itunes bonus track)
12. Sensor featuring Jhelisa Anderson (Digipak bonus track)
13. Forty Days In The Wilderness featuring Patrick Duff (12” Vinyl bonus track)
14. Slo Light Davidge vs. Rob Smith Lovas Remix (12” Vinyl bonus track)
15. Sensor Davidge vs. Quadrant, Kid Hops and Iris Remix (12” Vinyl bonus track)
16. Sleepwalking Davidge vs. Michael Mortlock Remix (12” Vinyl bonus track)






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