The immensely talented British singer/songwriter Clare Maguire is giving away a free 9 song mixtape — OK, so mixtapes are always free, but one or two people might not have known that — over on her website.  And they’re individual tracks, too.  None of that nonsense where you hear two minutes of a song then it goes to another song.  You get 9 free, full songs!  It’s like a new album, totally for free!  All you have to do is sign up for her e-mail list.  No need to tweet or post to Facebook or any of those annoyances.  Just give her your e-mail address so she can send ya the occasional update and such and you’ll be e-mailed your download link!  So, head on over:

Mixtape tracklist:

01. Whenever You Want It

02. Paper Thin

03. Black Coffee

04. The Last Time I Saw Richard

05. Half-Hearted Love

06. Changing Faces

07.  Slightly Sober

08. Lilac Wine

09. In The Night

Oh, and if you’re wondering what Clare Maguire sounds like, well, she’s got the soulfulness of Adele and the pop sensibility of Katy B.  In other words, she’s perfection!  But, hey, don’t take our word for it.  Here are some of the lovely tracks you get on her mixtape:


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