“Baby Chain” is the solo debut by Camryn Nichols, who Love is Pop regulars will recall as being one half of the duo Ugly Bunny.  Like Ugly Bunny, YAYAH — his new musical alias — makes electronic pop music.  In the case of “Baby Chain,” that music is a perfect blend of bright synths and heart-like beats with dark and moody vocals.  In other words, it sounds like classic music from an cool ’80’s crime show like Miami Vice.   We sent off a few questions to Camryn in anticipation of working some quotes into this write up, but his responses came back like answers to regular interview questions, so we thought we’d just go ahead and post them as a little Q&A accordingly…

Q: How did you go from Ugly Bunny to being a solo artist?

A: When Gwen moved to college, Ugly Bunny kind of just stopped being a thing. I tried to do it without her but Ugly Bunny was our thing and the chemistry was really brilliant. So doing it alone felt weird and my drummer started going to school and working, as did I. So I just started making music alone and decided I wanted to develop a musical alias that I could carry into different projects. So musically, I am YAYAH now. I’ve been doing a couple different projects and developing this creative identity has helped to really channel a more focused, creative approach to my music.

Q:  How has going solo changed your approach to music?

A:  Now that I’m a solo artist, I’m very much at my own discretion in deciding what’s good and what’s not. So I rely on close friends and fellow musicians to kind of let me know if something is too bizarre or what needs to be done. It’s refreshing though, I don’t feel obligated to rush the process. Being solo has allowed to me to really create from my own experiences and influences. That’s a huge difference between YAYAH and Ugly Bunny. The music I make now is much more personal, and lyrically raw. I’m really putting myself out there with these tracks.

Q:  What’s “Baby Chain” about?

A:  Baby Chain in particular is a very personal track for me. I’ve moved back and forth from Sacramento to San Francisco a couple times in the past year and met a lot of people and have had a lot of experiences (good and bad) in love, professionally, and with new acquaintances. But I’ve finally settled back in Sacramento and am surrounded by lots of friends and family and love and baby chain is really about leaving all the struggles and pain in the past and just letting love, and passion, and romance take the wheel.

So, there you have it — hope you’re listening to it and enjoying it as much as we do!




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