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“Synchronize your mind with me, a revelation,” sings Nathassia – channeling the Sumerian Goddess of love and war, Inanna – on her new single “Goddess.” It’s a trippy, electro/pop/dance/world music song that’s so, so good, it’s almost as divine and addictive as chocolate. Just listen to the mesmerizing track once and you might find yourself humming it for days. It truly enchants the listener with its throbbing beats, infectious melody, and her unmistakable voice. Suffice to say, it’s not a song you hear and soon forget. Equally unforgettable is the woman behind it, who could probably tell you everything there is to know about any Goddess that ever was (if only in mythology), regardless of what traditions they come from. Likewise, I’m sure she could hold down a conversation about the world’s many religions with someone holding a doctorate in Theology. Watching her videos, you might find yourself in awe of her beauty and hypnotic dancing, and she is gorgeous, but she has an even more spell-binding mind. Read the following e-mail interview, basking in her positive light, and see if you don’t find yourself worshiping her.

Who came up with the concept of having you portray the different Goddesses in the video for “Goddess”? 

The concept came from myself, given my multicultural background I saw this as an opportunity to really experiment with that side of me. I really liked portraying the different looks and characteristics of the goddesses. The song reflects both multiculturalism and the unification of females all over the world.

Who directed the video?

The video was directed by myself alongside Arty from ElectronicLuve.

Did you already have the clothes you wear in the “Goddess” video or did you buy them specifically for the shoot?

All the dresses were bought specifically for the shoot, but typically Inanna’s dress got lost in the post on the way from Russia and so I had to quickly make something new together within a one week deadline!

I spent months styling each Goddess using mood boards & creating images, letting my creativity flow. I ended up filling 6 large storage boxes (one for each goddess!), with handmade accessories, belts, crowns etc.

Can you tell us about the places where the “Goddess” video was filmed? Were they places where you had been before or did you go exploring new places while location scouting?

The locations were chosen by myself and the co-director, I had not been there before. The first beach shot was filmed at a beautiful location near Cadíz in Spain, it was an overwhelming experience as about 300 people were watching me walking out of the sea for several takes! The end beach shot was filmed at sundown at Camber Sands in the UK on the last sunny day before autumn. It had rained all day long and we had a gap of just a few minutes when the clouds cleared up, it was very windy and I had to stand barefoot in the water wearing nothing but my Goddess bikini and my wings so you can imagine, I was freezing! The sacrifice was way worth it because the scenery and sky were stunning.

The mysterious shots that reminds you of 1001 Arabian nights were filmed in a beautiful historical palace that used to belong to a Sheikh. Last but not least all the shots with all goddesses were filmed in London’s premier green screen studio.

The Goddesses you play in the “Goddess” video are Athena, Venus, Diana, Inanna & Laxmi. Why did you choose those Goddesses specifically?

There were several reasons why but I mainly based my decision on current popularity of the names of the Goddesses, and to which extend I thought other females all over the world (no matter what cultural background) could relate to these Goddess and what they represent. Each Goddess represents something different, namely: Athena courage, Venus love, Diana mystery, Inanna sensuality and Laxmi wealth. The origin of each Goddess is global from Europe, Asia to the Middle East.

Tell us about the process of creating the song “Goddess.” Did you work with your three co-writers/co-producers at the same time or did you do one version of it with one producer and then another producer took it and made some changes and so on?

During one of my home visits in the Netherlands I found one of the first books I bought when I was a little girl, with about 25 female deities worshiped by different cultures. I then went on a creative spree imagining all the Goddesses coming back and giving advice in 2019. So I wrote down some lyrics, crafted some melodies and produced some rough track ideas before I send it over to my co-producers. The track evolved during a back and forward process between me and the producers.

When you collaborate with your co-writers and co-producers, are you working together in person? If not, how do you collaborate? For example, do you write songs over Skype?

In the case of “Goddess” I worked with one of the producers face to face, and with the others remotely via video-chat services. It was sometimes hard to stay serious when I was literally mimicking the certain mystical instruments with some very strange sounds coming out of my mouth!

If you could write a song with anyone on the planet who’s alive today, who would you like to write with?

I recently stumbled upon an article which listed my favourite female songwriters ever and I was imagining how great it would be to write in a trio with the iconic Dolly Parton & Kate Bush as the latter my voice has been compared to several times!

Are there any producers you’d love to work with aside from those you’ve already worked with?

Yes plenty just to name a few in different genres, Matt Squire, Max Martin,  A.R. Rahman, Anish Sood, Chuckie. I’m also into newer upcoming Indian trap & bass producers like Baajewala & MVGMVR. 

When I interviewed you in 2016, you stated that you were learning to play the sitar. Is that you playing it on “Goddess” then? If not, are you still learning?

I am still learning! The sitar sound you hear in the recording is actually effected and distorted. I also played the Sitar dressed up as the Goddess Laxmi in the video which was a bit of an ordeal!

I know you often refer to the Goddesses of Greek mythology, but I don’t recall you ever referring to any of the Norse Goddesses or those from Roman mythology. Have you ever mentioned any Norse or Roman Goddesses in your songs and I’ve just missed it? If not, why do you always choose to go with the Greek instead of the Norse?

In the song “Goddess” I do mention Venus and Diana who are both Roman, but the reason why I haven’t yet mentioned any Norse Goddesses is that is still yet to come.

If the Goddesses of mythology were real and you had to choose one to watch over and protect you like a Guardian Angel, who would you choose?

The very powerful Goddess Taweret, protector of women & childbirth and keeper of dark places free of evil. However, I’m hoping she’ll forgive me for not being mentioned in the song “Goddess” because her body consists of three of the most powerful and feared animals combined, Lion, Crocodile & Hippo. I just couldn’t find the right dress!

Do you believe in Guardian Angels in real life, that they’re real?

I believe there is a guardian energy that both influences us whilst watching over us all.

Do you believe in soulmates? If so, do you believe that people can have multiple soulmates or that a person can only have one soulmate?

Yes I do, and I believe some people can have more than one soulmate. I sometimes like to philosophise if it is possible that at some point in the future when we have learnt (or remembered) to fully understand each other’s thoughts and points of view that maybe we could all be soulmates!

There are people who believe in fate, that things are meant to be, and there are others who believe everything is random, essentially chaos, and others still believe that we create our own destiny. What do you believe? 

I believe in fate and that things are meant to be, but within that framework we can create our own destiny. Keeping that in mind helps me to push though the momentary chaos of many options, decisions and choices.

When I interviewed you in 2016 you didn’t want to say what religion you were, but can I at least ask you if you’re pagan? You don’t have to say what type of pagan, just if you’re a pagan in general.  I’m just curious because I’m a witch.

I have studied all religions, beliefs and their philosophies and of course paganism which I found particularly fascinating. I grew up being influenced by Hinduism from my mother. Family visits to south America meant special rooms full of pictures and statues of many deities. I soon realised that I wanted to know more and more about them! As a child I even invented my own fantasies around them!

As an artist I find it important that my music is accessible for anyone no matter what religion or cultural background they are from. I aspire to take the many different elements of the many cultures to create something new. This is what I tried to do in the song “Goddess”. Welcome to the Goddess movement!

Do you practice meditation? If so, is there are a certain type of meditation you’re particularly fond of? And how often do you meditate?

Yes I do meditate to strengthen my mind and to improve concentration & determination, my favourite is Merkabah mysticism.

Do you do yoga? If so, how often? Is there a certain type of yoga that you do most?

In the past I have practiced Kundalini yoga but I am thinking of trying out hot pod yoga which recently opened up near my studio!

Do you practice Reiki?

Yes I recently obtained my Reiki level 2 certificate and I have been using it to give free distance healing to my fans, I refer to it in the lyrics from Goddess “my healing is free for all at your location”!

Regardless of what religion you are, do you believe in magick as pagans do?

Oh yes I believe in it, but I prefer to focus on the beautiful and extraordinary outcomes from a flow state of mind and truly magical life.

Do you ever see psychics? If so, can you give us an example of when a psychic told you something that came true?

Yes once! It happened whilst partying at a UK festival I thought why not! This was several years ago while I was still going to university. It was all a bit vague but she saw great things that would happen for me in her Oracle cards but she didn’t want to say what! It was all so vague I was like “Are you OK? Shall I just go back to party!?”  And then suddenly she had just one piece of mad advice and she said: “YOU HAVE TO TAKE CONTROL”. And that was it. I was like jeez thanks…I’m still not totally sure what she meant but from that moment I took control over everything I wanted in my life, things got better & better!

Getting back to music, are you currently on tour? 

Not currently as for the last months I’ve been putting all my time and energy into the release of “Goddess”. However I have been regularly performing live from my London TV Studio broadcasting live streams to all my fans around the world. I was truly humbled that over Easter more than one million fans watched the premier of my recent Goddess Show!

When was your last tour?

Last year I finalised my first UK tour, it was called Feel The Future Now.

What size venues do you play? Does it vary from country to country?

Yes it varies hugely from a few hundred up to several thousand. After my last interview with you I went off to Egypt to open the Nefertiti Festival right inside the Valley of the Kings with my song Egypt’s Queen. I performed live in front of the princess of Egypt and hundreds of my Egyptian fans, some of which had travelled over 700km.

Have you played in the United States yet? If not, will you be doing so at some point? (Would love to see you in Boston!) 

Not yet but my management is looking at that for probably next year. Fingers crossed and if it’s Boston you will of course personally be the first to know!

When will you be releasing more music? When will you release a new full-length album?

I am currently working on producing new tracks but the new album will not be until 2020.

Do you have release dates for anything yet? Any song titles or anything you can share with us?

No release dates yet, also no definite song titles but I guess I can say I will be creating again within the Goddessy theme!

Who are the producers you’ve worked with on your upcoming music to be released? Who were your co-writers?

At the moment I’m still working on the song ideas by myself.

Do you ever write or produce songs alone? If so, have you released any? If not, is there any particular reason why you haven’t yet?

Yes I write most of my songs alone and sometimes I also produce them myself like for example the theme song of my TV show.

Have you written or produced music for other artists? If so, who? If not, is it something you would consider doing in the future or does that hold no interest for you?

I do sometimes write for other artists when I have time, in fact at the moment I am busy writing for a well known Dutch DJ producer.


Are you currently binge-watching anything? If not, what was the last series that you really got into? Or, what are some of your all-time favorite series?

I have binge watched Game of Thrones and I have been watching every episode of the latest series the second it comes out!

If an extinction level event was happening in one hour and you thus only had time to listen to one more album before you died, which album would you choose?

Dummy by Portishead because the end of the world is definitely “Sour Times”! (Song on the album).

What are three albums you cling to like oxygen when you’re depressed? Is it because they’re happy and cheer you up or are they depressing albums that you feel like you can relate to at the time?

I don’t like to sit in sadness too long so definitely Daft Punk “Discovery”, Radiohead “OK Computer”, or even my first latin meringue album from Gloria Estefan “Abriendo Puertas”!

Who are your favorite lyricists of all time, alive or dead? 

David Bowie, Sia, Dolly Parton, Kate Bush…

If you could have any instrument on earth, what would you pick? (You can name something specific like a certain guitar Joni Mitchell played or just something general like a grand piano. Whatever you’d like.)

I am currently saving up for a very special 1958 vintage Gibson Amsterdam Burst guitar!

If you could cure any single disease on the planet, which would you cure?

Aids as this disease is passed on from mother to baby.

A Gibson Amsterdam Burst Guitar from 1958.

Do you prefer to listen to new music or music that makes you feel nostalgic? 

New music, but I like listening to nostalgic songs when I can share the experience with someone else.

Who are your favorite newer artists?

El Speaker, Echos, Gallant

Are there any up and coming artists you would like to point out?

Sebastien Leger

Do you tend to listen to more singles or full-length albums?

Singles mostly.

Name three books you feel everyone should read before they die. Or at least a few personal favorites.

My personal favourites are “Nefertiti” (by American writer Michelle Moran), “The Discovery of Heaven” (by Dutch writer Harry Mulisch), “Love in the time of Cholera” (by Colombian writer Gabriel García Márquez) and at the moment I’m reading the last book of Stephen Hawkins in Dutch.

Much thanks for taking the time to do this!

You are very welcome, and thank you so much! x Nat

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