I was recently introduced to the music of Veiga Sanchez, who goes by the name Salt Ashes, and after listening to just a couple of her songs I already fell head over heels in love with her sound.  Like any artist, she has influences and those influences can be heard in her music.  But, here’s the thing — she weaves them all into something unique, something that is wholly herself and no one else.  I’d already rank her as high as artists like Bat For Lashes and St. Vincent, whose sounds she calls to mind, except that her music is more accessible and has a bit more of a dance sound to it.  If you love electro-pop or synth-pop, or just plain old regular pop, read on and remember that name: Salt Ashes.

I quite like your sound and hear influences from the ’80’s, ’90’s and today. Who are the artists from each period who’ve influenced you the most?

Early Madonna, Chic, Daft Punk and more recently Aphex Twins

I understand you’re a big fan of Giorgio Moroder. What are your favorite three tracks that he’s done, either as a solo artist or producing for others?

I Feel Love – Donna Summer, From Here To Eternity and Utopia


You’re signed to the increasingly popular Radikal Records. How did you connect with them?

I’m pretty sure they just heard something online and contacted my manager… Nothing too dramatic. I try and stay out of the business side of things as much as I can and keep my head in the creative.

What are the stories behind “Somebody” and “If You Let Me Go,” assuming they’ve been influenced by your real life?

Somebody is about the shit time you go through after a breakup. It’s just my feelings chucked down into those words during a rough time. If You Let Me Go was written after “Somebody”… It all based on one night, one fight. Fear of a breakup but stubbornness and independency rocking the boat.

“Somebody” has been remixed by Cruelty, Danglo and Satin Jackets. Were these artists or DJs that you’d known previously or did your label hook you up with them?

Cruelty and I have worked together for a long time now and he has produced nearly all my tracks so far so it seemed natural to get him to remix Somebody. The rest were hook ups through the label and I’m pleased they were.

“If You Let Me Go” comes out on October 20th. Will there be any B-sides and/or remixes? If there will be remixes, could you tell us who’s remixing it?

I decided to run with a double A side for this single. The track was reproduced recently but the label and I seemed to have a bit of demo love and couldn’t let go entirely of the original so decided to stick it as a double A side.

I’m hoping and holding out for a couple of awesome remixes, but of course will keep it close to my chest.

If you could have your songs remixed by anyone in the world alive today, who are the three artists or DJs you would choose?

Probably Todd Terje, Andy Stott and of course Moroder


This summer you played The Great Escape and Glastonbury festivals. How tough were those audiences? Did they immediately fall in love with your sound or did it take a while for them to warm up to you?

Who knows if they fell in love… I don’t. I loved all the shows I’ve played so far and normally the crowd grows as I play so I guess that’s good, right? Even if only 2 people love it in the crowd though, that works for me.

Do you prefer playing small clubs or the big festivals?

At the moment I prefer small clubs. I like the dingy, intimate ones where we all get sweaty and the crowd presses up on each other. It’s memorable.

I understand you have some dates coming up in London and Brighton. Could you tell our readers where and when you’ll be performing?

I’m playing Saturday 11th October at The Finsbury, London and 22nd October at Audio, Brighton. All the info is on my Facebook page

I’m assuming you must have more songs than those you’ve released so far since you’re performing live and would need more songs to fill a set. Can you tell us about some of your other songs and when they might be released?

I’m just taking each day as it comes. I don’t have any future releases planned yet, but that’s not to say it won’t happen. I have over an albums worth of material that is sitting patiently waiting to burst out into the world.

If you could go out on tour opening for any artist in the world, who would you choose?

M.I.A probably… or Elvis. The audience would be shocked.

Thanks to Veiga for doing this interview and to Tasha at HO27 for introducing me to her music and setting this up.



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