As you’ve probably heard, Meek Mill recently accused Drake of having ghostwriters write his songs.  Drake retaliated over the weekend with “Charged Up.”  It was a simple track and not as good as Drake’s usual output, but he made his point.  Following that, Meek Mill was supposed to drop a Drake diss track on Funkmaster Flex’s Monday night show on Hot 97, but he disappointed his fans and embarrassed Flex when all that he produced was fifteen seconds of cackling.  It seemed that Drake would have the last word.  Except that Drake decided he wanted to have the last word again, having just released another Meek Mill diss track called “Back To Back Freestyle.”  It’s much better than “Charged Up” — better flow, bigger beats — and somewhat more vicious.  Meanwhile, it’s another slap in Mill’s face because now Mill will have to release two Drake diss tracks if he truly wants to get even.  We’re hoping he at least makes one because this drama is nothing if not amusing.

By the way, the “Back To Back Freestyle” cover art is a photo from the 1993 World series where the Toronto Blue Jays beat the Philadelphia Phillies to win their second consecutive World Series.  Toronto (Drake) beats Philly (Mill), get it?

In case you missed it…

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