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You may have noticed that it’s been a bit slow around here during the past week or so.  That’s because I took some time off from Love is Pop to work on my novel Book of Shadows 4.  That said, I did do a few interviews that will be posted in the not so distant future.  The ones I have in the can are Michael Sweet (Stryper, Sweet & Lynch), Tom Keifer (Cinderella vocalist) and Gigi Rowe, a pop star who’s had songs in the two most recent Just Dance games.  You may recall that I interviewed Gigi about a year ago.  But she just put out a great EP of contagious pop nuggets so, naturally, I had to speak with her again.

There’s another interview that I’ve sent off questions for, but they’re a very popular J-Pop duo and sometimes when I’ve been told artists who speak English as a second language could do e-mail interviews, and sent off questions to their publicists, I’ve never gotten the interviews back completed.  Why, I have no idea.  I’ve asked but it seems like I’ve offended them or something because they can’t even send me a one-sentence e-mail telling me why they’re not doing the interview.   In any case, hopefully, this one comes back and, again, they’re quite popular and on a major Japanese label, which might lead to other interviews with artists who know English.  So, I’m really, really hoping it works out.  But I’m not going to tell you who they are until I get it back.  I just don’t want to announce something and have people looking forward to it and then I never get it back.  Plus, I’d feel like I’m jinxing it if I told you now.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get a whole lot of my book done during the time I’ve taken off and that’s because my best friend, Mister White, had a bad episode with his immune system disorder and had to be hospitalized and have a blood transfusion.  He’s doing much, much better now, but it was a scary couple of weeks and his red blood cell count still isn’t up a whole lot, but you’d never know it was still an issue from seeing him jump on and off of couches and beds, etc.  Or if you saw him go up and down the stairs briskly.  So, I’m very, very grateful that I still have him and pray that his red blood cell count will go up.  If you’re of a mind to pray and could say a prayer for my buddy I would highly appreciate it.

Mister White’s medical bills exceeded 1100 dollars.  Some people on my author mailing list asked if they could donate and I was reluctant at first but eventually gave in and told them my Paypal e-mail address.  If you would like to donate, it’s cinema365@aol.com.  But please only do so if you can truly afford it.

As a thank you to people who donate, I’ve written a Book of Shadows short story called January’s 2nd Mission.  Even if you donate 50 cents, I’ll happily send you the story.  And, no, I won’t think you’re cheap or anything like that.  I’d just be appreciative that you gave anything at all.  Just e-mail me at michael@michaelbeaulieu.com and let me know if you’d like the story in the epub or mobi format after you donate.

During the next couple of weeks, I’ll be posting the interviews mentioned above, but I might otherwise take a little more time off from Love is Pop so I can try to work on Book of Shadows 4 at last.  These past two weeks were just excruciating with what happened with Mister White and some other things.  It’s amazing that I was even able to write January’s 2nd Mission, quite frankly.






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