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iTunes has divulged the tracklist for Kylie Minogue’s sure to be red hot new album Kiss Me Once, which will be released on March 17th, as previously reported.  Here it is: 01. Into The Blue 02. Million Miles 03. I Was Gonna Cancel 04. Sexy Love 05. Sexercize 06. Feels So Good 07....
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LYRIC VIDEO: Alexz Johnson – “American Dreamer”

We've never liked a song that uses "uh - huh" so much before... It's a beautiful, laid-back but catchy kinda song. Also, it's nice to see someone who was a child star transitioning into being a real, more mature artist so gracefully... (Click "read more" below for...
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VIDEO: Laura Pausini – “Dove resto solo io”

Such a gorgeous and epic ballad. Love how it starts off subtle and gradually grows more and more intense, allowing Laura to gradually roll out the emotion and expand her always hugely impressive voice. And those soaring strings are remarkable, too.
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Usually if a band is going to release a self-titled album it’s going to be their debut. If not, then it usually happens later in their career after they’re several albums in and want to announce that they’re changing direction, or perhaps that they’ve finally found themselves again after a bad album or...
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